Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to draw Dazzler

How to draw Dazzler, Alison Blaire, from Marvel comics. The creation of
 Dazzler was the result of a cross-promotion between Marvel and a musical record label called Casablanca Records. Sometime around 1980, Casablanca approached Marvel with the idea of creating a new comic hero. John Romita Jr. designed her first costume, but the remainder of Dazzler’s character traits came together from the input of many people. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Dazzle, member of X men, in an easy to follow step by step tutorial. Unlike some of my intermediate drawing and painting video tutorials, this one is quite easy and simple. As long as you follow the guideline correctly, you will succeed. It is usually important to have knowledge of anatomy as an artist, specially if you want to be good at character design for games, comics and illustrations. Most of comics in America, the uniform are form fitting, it is necessary to know muscle groups and anatomy. Though you don’t have to know every muscles on the body, but it is still very important to make sure that the visible muscle groups are correct. The best way I would suggest to learn anatomy is to to attend life drawing session nearest you along with anatomy referent book for artists.
Dazzler is able to transmute sonic vibrations into light energy, controlling its hue and intensity. Can also manipulate this energy to form lasers, hard-light constructs, fog-effects, and holograms. Dazzler has no natural limitation on the amount of energy she can convert. In addition, Dazzler may create “hard light” projections that can cause physical damage and serve as decoys for electronic sensors. Dazzler may also re-channel her stored sound energy and 
manipulate it at will.

Below are step by step how to draw Dazzler from Marvel X men.  Step one, I constructed a head with two horizontal lines and vertical line in the middle of the face for measuring her facial structure.  Step three, I drew her fine hair then added rough sketchy lines for her torso.  Step four, I refined her body and arms a bit more.  Step five, I added some lighting and shadow on her face.  Step six, I shaded in more shadow for the rest of her body.  They are just basic 
shadow, then finish the drawing

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