Saturday, 28 February 2015

a woman disabled access Internet with her tongue

Hand and foot deformities suffered not a barrier to 30-year-old woman in Kampung Gajah loop, Tobiar here to explore the outside world using internet services.

Nursamawati Mahmud who surf the internet using the tongue to type words and accessing information on mobile phones and laptops his intention to help promote the products ketchup, sauce and vinegar mother who worked the last 10 years.

"I tried to think about how to enlarge my mother's company. Prior to this, ketchup, sauce and vinegar that mak create marketed around the area and Yan Yan immediately and if possible I want to use the internet to expand the family business," he said when met at his house .

According to the eldest of five siblings, he will also create a blog to share her journey of becoming disabled and handicapped since he was a year and how he learned to use social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Wechat.

Concerned and interested in the persistence Nursamawati, Clixster Mobile Sdn Bhd come forward to help by donating a smart phone and internet package is sponsoring a lifetime.

Chief Brand Communication and Media company, Hazran Mohamed said the donation will hopefully help Nursamawati use unlimited internet service for the rest of his life to socialize, to access current issues and so on.

"The contribution we provide is hoped that this can be exploited to do something to enrich and transform their lives," he said.

Nursamawati are delighted with the contribution said he started surfing the web and social networking site since 2010 after being introduced by a good friend.

"Before this, I feel ashamed to face with people because I do not like one another perfectly. With the social networking site I was able to make friends and fellow villagers and many social sites give momentum to continue my life.

"I now do not like it used to be and want to prove that disabled people are able to do things like normal people," he said, now has about 1,400 friends on Facebook.

Sauda mother Shaari, 52, said her eldest child is in need of care, such as feeding, bathing and dressing because he was not able to do themselves.

she said he was very impressed with the seriousness of the firstborn who do not know the meaning of hard to master something even had to use the tongue.

"Since the clever use of internet life he is not depressed anymore like it used to. The situation changed a lot since that time there was spent surfing the internet," he said.

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