Thursday, 10 August 2017

the best 3 Free YouTube Channels to learn drawing Academy

Anyone can learn art or anything for that matter. Do you think people come out of vaginas stamped with a XYZ natural ability? This baby is an artist, this baby is a musician, this baby will be an amazing ice skater! No of course not!

People who seemingly picks up a skill really quick, they have already learned the groundwork beforehand, knowingly or unknowingly. Their previously acquired skills put to use in the right context makes it seem that they are "naturally gifted".
So when you sit there with your disfigured stickmen and your friend who also just started drawing, actually manages to produce a nice looking drawing. You might think he is naturally gifted. No he isn't, he is at a different stage of progression. Even if you started drawing at the same time, his previously acquired skills are being put to use in the right context. In the end both will be able to reach the same level of skill.

Drawing is one of the skills that has that starting bump that is so hard to get over. You can't draw what you want to draw and everyone around you who are into drawing can draw very well. You want to get there straight away and it's frustrating not drawing what and how you want to draw. So you give up. You have to stick to it and just pedal like a madman until you get over that bump.
I came across the same thing in skateboarding. There's a relatively steep learning curve in the beginning. Learning the ollie and kickflip among other things. I saw countless of guys just give up because they didn't put the time and effort into learning ollie and kickflip. I remember when I learned that stuff, I wasn't gifted or anything. I tried kickflip hundreds of times every day until one day I landed it.
It's the same with drawing, it might feel impossible and it really sucks. If you stick to it, you will make it.

  best Free YouTube Channels For Teaching Yourself How To Draw 

No single path is right for every artist, despite what the marketing of some schools might claim. Your background, personal and career goals, artistic strengths and weaknesses, and learning tendencies all factor into the equation. Our Coaches will help you develop a personalized learning plan that is right for you. Having a plan means you’re more likely to stick with it and get results! Our educators can spot problems hat
you might not be aware of in your own work


 list of tips from  personal experiences of painting in the last few years.

Fine Art Academy
Fine Art Drawing by Chinese artists, the material often used in video

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