Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Success! Here’s Your Free Download on How to Draw Animals

Drawing Realistic Pets From Photographs
By Lee Hammond
Format: Paperback
    You'll Love This Pet Drawing Book If:

        You love want to memorialize your favorite pet with a portrait
        You want to learn how to draw dogs, cats, birds, fish & more
        You love drawing animals & can’t wait to learn new techniques

    Follow along with Lee Hammond as she takes you step-by-step through drawing all your favorite pets. If you love pets like Lee does you won’t want to miss these lessons for how to draw dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, turtles, birds & rodents. Set the scene & capture the emotion and personality of your beloved furry friend with these valuable techniques. Learn how to draw animal portraits and start creating your own unique art portraits!

    Draw fur, scales, whiskers and shells that bring your animal drawings to life.
    In Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs You’ll Learn:

        How to draw realistic fur, feathers, curly dog hair, scales & shells
        Techniques for mastering the facial features of your favorite pet
        How to add realistic shading & details to your pet drawings

    Check Out This Excerpt From Drawing Realistic Pets from Photography:
    Graphing is the best way for a beginning artist to learn to draw shapes accurately because it allows you to break down any subject – no matter how complicated – into small, manageable pieces.

    When you place a grid of perfect squares over your reference photo, each square will isolate shapes, making them easier to draw. It is easier to draw this way because the shapes within each square become “nonsense” shapes that are less complicated to reproduce than taking on the “big picture” all at once. Instead of thinking about how to accurately draw a dog’s leg, for example, all you need to do is draw the shapes you see within each of the boxes, and they will eventually combine to form a dog’s leg. It’s not much different than putting together a puzzle!

    A Word From the Author:

        “My camera is always at my fingertips to capture my pets’ antics. They provide me with endless opportunity for fun-filled artwork. In this book, I will guide you step by step through the techniques required for creating a quality portrait from a photograph. I will show you how to capture the soul in pets’ eyes and the softness of their fur. Or, if your favorite pet is not furry at all. I can show you how to render textures such as scales or shells.”

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