Monday, 3 June 2019

Typicals Kabyle fibula first half of the XXth century

The Kabylie region is a Mediterranean coastal region, the hot enamels (blue, green, yellow "orangy" and red "coral" )  characterizing these jewels are mainly inspired by the Kabylie landscape in northern Algeria.

Portrait of a Kabyle woman adorned with the traditional Kabyle jewels.

Kabyle women wearing traditional dresses elaborately decorated with colored braids and myriads of handwoven cords wrapped around their waists. The Kabyle dress is not only worn in special occasions, it is worn in everyday life up until now in our villages.

Old Kabyle fibula.

Ornate brooch, a heavy antique pin is offered for $125 in Beni Yenni. The silversmiths of this Kabyle village still use the patient techniques of their ancestors to produce intricate ornaments. Women build up savings accounts by collecting the jewelry, made from coral, local silver, and enamel.

From "Algeria: Learning to Live With Independence," August 1973, National Geographic .

Vintage Kabyle bracelet made with silver, enamel and coral.

Traditional Kabyle earrings,

Magnificent ancient Kabyle necklace, more than 100 yrs old,  made with silver, enamel and coral | © Michel Halter.

1960s, photo taken in a military camp during the Algerian war for independence ; Marc Garanger made over two thousand portraits -mostly women- who were compelled and forced to be photographed


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